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Growth is your path to quality of life

Growth is your path to quality of life

Coach and You Point of View: Growth

Growth and Pain: So much talk about personal development and growth. Perhaps to make sense of the pain that I experience sometimes. When I have a headache, the pain I experience is not there to ‘punish me’ or ‘to just be’. It is rather an invitation for me to make needed adjustments for it to disappear. When lobster outgrows its shell, it experiences discomfort and needs to remove itself out of it. For the benefit of the new, bigger, and stronger shell it goes through a period of increased fragility and vulnerability. New stated of being will enable lobster to handle life circumstances better. This is the pain that I also feel and I now am aware that such a state of pain calls me to grow, to change my outgrown assumptions, beliefs, convictions. I need to grow to be able to address my challenges and improve the quality of my daily experience, of my life.

Growth and Compass: When I grow consciously, I grow more effectively. But which areas should I focus on as the spectrum of areas is just so broad? It is actually quite easy and I do not need to look very far. Your daily experiences are your compass for growth. The level of discomfort I feel in each situation gives me a clue about the extent of growth available. No matter if I am at work or at home, feelings of frustration and anger are powerful signals to start growing and addressing my discomfort. I do not need to search for a direction, the daily experience of unease gives me the insights where I need to focus my growth.

Growth and Others: I grow thanks to others. Somebody succeeded in hurting me and at the same time showed me that this is an area for me to take a look at. Somebody counseled me and revealed the source which is feeding that hurt. Somebody coached me and helped me to develop an action plan on how am I going to address it. Somebody mentored me and shared their experiences and tricks on how to speed up my execution. Everybody played their part in contributing to increase my awareness and my growth. Thanks to my awareness that others help me to increase I uncover my unchallenged beliefs a.k.a. blind spots about myself and I grow!

Growth and Myself: Growth is multidimensional. It is not just a mental exercise when I reflect more and more, to an extent where my reflection starts to resemble a hamster having an after-party at its wheel. Besides mental plane, growth is also psychical, emotional and spiritual. Emotional growth is about mastering my feelings and emotions. Spiritual growth is about experiencing a greater connection to humanity and transcending my own ego and social conditioning. To continue developing in those areas, I also must grow in my psychical dimension. I use tools of being present in the moment, feeling my body and grounding myself to access my intuition, feel my feelings and connect to the bigger picture. All four dimensions are like four legs to the table, each playing the crucial role to balance it yet unable to fully deliver without one another.

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