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The intention is a blueprint for action

The intention is a blueprint for action

Coach & You Point of View: Intention

Intention and Action: I see conscious intention as a bridge into my desired future. If I do not have a conscious intention, I free float and have little awareness about the actions that I have to take. I mostly react to external circumstances rather than create what I want. When free-floating I am not aware of how this can shape my future and I also cannot prioritize. Instead, conscious intention acts as a tool to take things into my own hands and craft an effective plan of action. Clarity of intention helps me to mobilize my conviction, energy, and direction to make it happen.

Intention and Impact: How do you assess the impact of a particular intention on your life? Impact does not happen only once the goal is achieved; intention starts having an impact on my life as soon as I am starting to act on it. It is a lot to consider and a lot to ‘control’ for. Such complexity could also explain why I have many intentions yet only a few are awarded my actions to make them come true. Thus, I choose consciously and I reflect upon my intentions. Those are the ones that lead me to more focus and the more I focus the higher the probability of making them happen. The strongest intentions shape my personality and whom I become.

Intention and Expectation: The intention is closely linked to expectations because as soon as I intend to achieve something I naturally expect to succeed. And often I feel IN-TENSION till I achieve my goal. And what about if I do not achieve it and I experience disappointment? Expectation means ‘anticipation, awaiting’ and also ‘look-out for’. I tend to focus on the result, yet I rarely lookout for treasures I find along the way. The new knowledge I gain, the new people I meet, the new perspectives I learn whilst I am trying to achieve my goal. From now on, instead of focusing on my expectation to succeed in achieving my goal, I will focus on the learnings of my journey. My goal is a reward for my contribution to the process.

Intention and Personal Growth: All of us age, yet not all of us grow at the same pace. If I experience life situations without a reflection even when I become older challenges will continue to have the same impact on me. However, I can intend and choose to grow! Via my key-takeaways on a challenging situation; via a feeling of unease from an unknown adventure; via reassessment of assumptions that are shaken by the unexpected events. How does it look like? First, I use the signals from the various life situations to become aware of the areas that feel challenging. Second, I reflect and identify what mindset or skillset is helpful to address it. Third, I develop what I need accordingly and implement it. It is a common practice to go over such steps in business. What if I apply the same principle to myself? I am the CEO of my life and that is my intention to grow.

What situations feel challenging to you the most?

Start addressing it today! ???



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