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Seize the chance of change

Seize the chance of change

Coach & You Point of View: Change

Change and Chance: I like the idea that chanGe is a chanCe. I change one small letter and I get a chance to gain a new perspective, insight or experience. I can maximize the benefits of this chance by consciously traveling the journey of change. First, something unfamiliar, new happens to me. Second, I resist it. Third, it feels almost like chaos in which I have no desire to stay. Fourth, I find myself in the place of reflection, search, and inquiry. Fifth, I find a solution, a new mindset or even a transformative idea. Sixth, I integrate it. Seventh, I enjoy the fruits of a change by being enriched with my learnings, increased awareness and progress. Being aware of the steps of the change process also helps me to reduce the sense of helplessness and instead invites me to travel with a mindset of ‘I am a leader of my life. I lead myself through. I seize the chance of change!’.

Change and Growth: I believe that life is a mirror. What I see outside is inside of me too. In the context of change, if I see something that I’d like to change I could first ask how I could change that within myself. If I notice that I have a colleague who procrastinates and does not deliver his share of work, I usually get frustrated and develop a whole set of tactics on how I could make him stop doing that. Yet, this is also an opportunity for a different approach. I could use this experience to benefit me in the form of growth. I could identify where in my life do I procrastinate and perhaps also do not deliver my share of work, promises or commitments. I can use these daily situations to change my perspective and improve how I experience life.

Change and Others: I find it entertaining to catch myself in my wish to change the course of action, circumstances or even another. Like sugar or gossip, my wish to change another feels so sweet and difficult to resists. Wish to change another’s actions usually comes in disguise by convincing them of the perceived superiority of my way of doing things, discrediting their proposed idea or even pretending to be indifferent. I am impressed by how my own mind finds a way that can feel benevolent yet when looked deeper it is an attempt to change another’s actions to suit me. My antidote to such situations is my conscious change to stop wanting to change another. It takes the form of ongoing learning about myself and my motives, increasing awareness and respect for different people’s choices.

Change and Self: Change is inevitable. Every day I change even if sometimes it feels the same. There are big changes that require a bigger adjustment from me and also smaller changes that feel like polishing. Although big changes serve me, I find them somewhat uncomfortable, almost like a shock to my being. My way to address this is to instead facilitate small conscious changes, be it a different choice of tea, different book or different way to lead a conversation. I consciously choose to introduce and live small changes because they feel like training for my ability to fully embrace the benefits of the big changes. I am training my muscles in the gym of life.

What can you do differently today?

Seize the chance of change now! ???



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