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Resilience is the immunity of the mind

Resilience is the immunity of the mind

Coach and You Point of View: Resilience

Resilience and Immunity: I am resilient! I have a power to rebound from a difficult experience. Interestingly the same difficult experience from which I am rebounding also helps me to further develop my resilience. Therefore, I see value in the challenges. It’s like a tiny portion of poison or virus that strengthens my immune system. To solve a challenging situation, I am going to mobilise my inner resources of intellect, creativity and determination. And what happens when I overcome difficulty? I build up my confidence. Since I was able to handle this situation, I am now my own example of how I can handle it in the future too. I am strengthening the immune system of my mind!

Resilience and Flexibility: I am resilient! I adapt well in the face of adversity and stress.  Although, I cannot prevent adversity in itself, I can choose to play an active role in how I approach it. What do I need to do to feel better in the midst of something unpleasant? Perhaps I need to re-adjust my expectations about the outcome of the situation or another person’s behaviour; perhaps I need to learn here and now to express my feelings about what seems unacceptable to me; or to identify which of my values are being breached in this situation and seek a way back to my authentic self again. Flexibility of my approach means I am like a river, flowing through adverse situations yet growing from them.

Resilience and Positivity: I am resilient! I am able to easily recover from a misfortune or change. To be able to easier recover from the unexpected circumstances I will build my must have tool box now. What do I need? A bit of confidence, a bit of flexibility and a lot of optimism. Believe that situation can be improved acts a glue for all other competences that need to be put together to overcome adversity. It is like a Northern Star showing and enlightening my path. How do I cultivate this positivity? By building an account of positive stories and inspiring recollections of how other people overcame the challenges. I am opening my mind to a positive outcome and instructing it to look out for it, especially in the time of tough going. Once positivity becomes my goal, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will easier mobilise my other resources to make it happen.

Resilience and Me: I become more resilient when I get to know myself better. When I find out what helps me be more flexible; when I consciously choose challenges that would help me to build confidence; when I develop a knowing which food and exercise gives me energy; when I am aware of my strengths and my weakness. It is also about building my support network. What type of people are the best to support me in what I am going through? Positive, strong, inspiring or ones that listen and comfort me. By doing this kind of homework beforehand I become aware of my resilience toolkit and I have it ready to work with me!




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