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Personal (Website) Development

Personal (Website) Development

Can website development be an excellent metaphor for personal growth? It was for me. Having no prior knowledge about how to create a website I choose to embark on this definitely out of my comfort zone journey of discovery, creation and visibility.

Departing point was obvious and simple. Without a website or social media profile I risked not being visible as a company to a wider audience. Even our fish NaNa has an Instagram profile as pictures and not words are her strength. I think the same applies to living a life without personal growth. Personal development, just like an improving website, opens the door to a higher awareness, chance to receive feedback, identify action steps and finally enjoy fruits of a visibility and relevance.

Creating my own website meant numerous moments of humbleness and vulnerability from not knowing. How do you create a flashy call to action button? Or is it still a good idea to create your own website when you disturb the support team with hundred questions and by now know love story of their grandparents? Yet I kept on asking for support and was genuinely open to learn. The biggest reward of it all is that the website went live today. And I see personal development the same way – as an ongoing gateway to aliveness. I observe that when my clients deep dive into themselves, being vulnerable whilst they are trying and learning, they reap rewards from their more authentic choices and ultimately a more fulfilling experience of life.

With this, here is your invitation to visit our new Coach & You website and to embark on your exciting personal leadership journey with us.


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