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Motivation is your inner drive

Motivation is your inner drive

Coach & You Point of View: Motivation

Motivation and Language: There is a book called ‘5 Love Languages’ aiming to explain how we receive and give love by identifying five love languages that we prefer to speak. As such we are able to better understand each other’s love needs and behavior. I think the same concept can be applied to motivation by identifying what is my language of motivation. It could be that I’d love to earn 1) respect and recognition, or perhaps I value 2) financial aspect of my activity; or maybe 3) belonging, 4) altruism, or 5) power are the key forces behind my actions. If I understand the language of motivation I can address my own needs and needs of others more effectively. It saves me time, energy and helps me to create authentic bonds.

Motivation and Priority: It seems the phrase – lack of motivation – is only used in the context of laziness or procrastination. For example, I hear people say ‘I am lacking the motivation to go to the gym’ but I almost never hear ‘I am lacking the motivation to watch Netflix’. Such a one-sided view of motivation acts as a fertile ground for negative self-talk. In such situations, I ask myself if I really lack motivation or my priorities changed and why? Perhaps today I need to rest and rest rather than action in the gym is my need and priority. However, if I continuously skip the gym, I could deep dive behind the surface of self-blame and rather try to understand my shift of priorities. Once I understand and have insight into what am I dealing with I can plan a new set of actions. Building on this new information about myself. Be in tune with yourself to refuel your motivation.

Motivation and Attitude: ‘Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it’ (Lou Holtz). It seems that I can be motivated and act towards my goal, but it is my mindset that determines the quality of my journey. It means that if I want to motivate somebody I need to become aware of at least two variables: what motivates another person and how can I best approach that person’s attitude? This might explain why the topic of motivation never subsides in its popularity. It is complex and intriguing. The good news is that to find those two answers I need to be genuinely interested in a person, be curious to learn and be willing to accept a different point of view that they offer. Hence, besides mastering the motivation of the other person I simultaneously create a better connection with them.

Motivation and Love: Motivation is an inner drive that helps you to move from the state of stillness to flow. It can definitely be influenced by external forces yet sustainable motivation can only come from within. The complexity of motivation is fascinating because even when I look within I need to understand if I am motivated by fear or love. Push or pull! When my motive stems from fear, I aim to push away the situation and its outcome. And I probably can be successful at it yet it gives a feeling of discomfort. However, when my motivation stems from love, I am pulled towards the situation and its outcome. I want more of it! The result is long-lasting and fulfilling. That is why it is important for you to love what you do!

Where could you benefit from more motivation?

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