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Inspiration is an upward spiral of goodness

Inspiration is an upward spiral of goodness

Coach & You Point of View: Inspiration

Inspiration and Buzzing: Inspiration in an upward spiral of goodness. It is amazing, how clarity and a new awareness of what might be possible can transform my excuses into enthusiasm to make it all happen. Inspiration is not just an idea, it is an insight that is so strong that it moves me into action without a delay. What an amazing resource at my fingertips. When I am inspired my motivation becomes intrinsic and much less extrinsic. I feel I want to deliver absolute best! It is definitely worth be inspired.

Inspiration and Reality: One of the most interesting antonyms for inspiration is ‘reality’. Inspiration permits me to transcend my reality into the world of possibilities. By showing me what is possible it also mobilizes my energy and enthusiasm to make it happen and experience it. A very useful tool in business when the fast-paced market and changing customer needs require proactive re-invention. Inspiration is an equally impactful instrument to use in any relationship or personal routine when there is longing for new and different. Thanks to inspiration I become a creator of the solutions.

Inspiration and Others: Inspiring others is not only opening the door to new possibilities but also helping another to move beyond their own limitation. When a young athlete’s role model sets a new record she or he shows the possibility. ‘Ah, it can be done’ thinks the athlete. And when a young athlete’s coach sets the plan to get her there he helps to tackle her perceived limitations. ‘Ah, I can do it’ exclaims the athlete! But inspiration does not stop here. Imagine if the coach sets the target above the set record and you achieve it and you manage to inspire the other.

Inspiration and Self: One way to find inspiration is to look externally, another is to source it from within. How? What helps me is the Latin definition of inspiration – ‘in-breath’. To inspire myself I need to breathe in life. But in order to breathe in, I must also breathe out. That is why I am comfortable with the stillness and moments of ‘lack of inspiration’. I don’t judge myself as I see it as a natural step just like the cycle of breath. Stillness is a breathing out phase. It is an absolute must to prepare me for the new inhale. Such a mindset of accepting ‘lack of inspiration’ helps me to feel less pressured and free. It is exactly in this freedom where I start to feel inspired again.

Where is your inspiration hub?

Breath in your inspiration! ???



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