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Hidden Gems of Responsibility

Hidden Gems of Responsibility

Coach & You Point of View: Responsibility

Responsibility and Action: Responsibility is defined as ‘something that it is your job or duty to deal with’. However, I look at responsibility as ‘my ability to respond to a situation’. I am responsible = response-able person. Therefore, I can choose what response I give to any of life’s situations. How I will react, how I will behave or who will I choose to be. In this way, I am always responsible because ultimately it is me that is giving a response to what had just happened. When I consciously respond I claim my action and achievement and re-energize myself. I empower myself by my ability to respond!

Responsibility and Perspective: I ask myself why the concept of responsibility has a ‘heavy’ tone to it and what impact this tone has on my wish to act responsibly. Perhaps its definition of ‘a duty’ gives me the impression that there is little choice of not doing it. I think this is exactly where switching my perspective can help me. I saw once a card which read ‘Responsibility is doing my best to take care of the things around me’. Suddenly, responsibility involves caring for and asks me to be my best. Being my best is living my full potential. And who ultimately benefits the most from this? I do! By exploring the hidden gems of responsibility!

Responsibility and Communication: The price of greatness is the responsibility (Winston Churchill). And the price of feeling great is responsible communication. Responsible communication to me is one filled with awareness, respect to other’s perspective and empathy. Communication creates an arena where both parties are able to respond to each other. And responsible communication is what makes that arena feel safe. When I communicate clearly about the needs, there is a higher chance of them being met. When I communicate well with my boss or a colleague about a need for help, I facilitate trust, openness, and efficiency. When I communicate openly with my partner, I open ground for more vulnerability, understanding, and love. When I feel safe I feel great!

Responsibility and Self: A human being’s first responsibility is to shake hands with himself (Henry Winkler). What a great insight inviting to, first of all, look inside and find an authentic agreement with myself: about my core values, about my needs and my dreams. However, the temptation to shake hands with others before I shake it with myself is high. I frequently catch myself how easily I am influenced by the opinion of others; how my mood changes in response to somebody’s comment; or how somebody’s perception of what has to be done is louder than my voice from within. But even in moments like these, I am able to respond. I can tune in within, ground myself and re-find the power of responsibility towards myself.


What situations feel challenging to you the most?

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