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Curiosity is Fuel for Progress

Curiosity is Fuel for Progress

Coach & You Point of View: Curiosity

Curiosity & Diligence: Did it ever happen to you that being too curious distracted you from your goal? Curiosity at its origin meant not only ‘inquisitive’ but also ‘diligent’. Perhaps the golden balance is to be diligently curious. I see a well-directed curiosity as the fuel for progress. When I am very curious about the subject, I can become an expert. I can also share and trigger other curious minds to explore and contribute further. Combining my awareness with curiosity can enrich my life as well as the life of others. ⁠

Curiosity & Development: I enjoy how the concept of curiosity is inherently humbling. At the moment of curiosity, I immediately acknowledge that I do not know something and I go on to explore. I am putting my learner’s hat and allow for my advancement to happen. The same can happen in an effective team, where members put aside their existent knowledge, assumptions, and conclusions and chose to be curious about how to look at the same situation differently. ⁠

Curiosity & Indifference: I am fascinated by the concept of opposites. An antonym of curiosity is indifference. Indifference means ‘not different’ and also ‘deferring’. Can I defer my curiosity to remain in a state of ‘not different’? Perhaps to give me space to reflect on a situation without being distracted by the new. I can now see how both curiosity and indifference contribute to quality decision making. ⁠ ⁠

Curiosity & Self: I find it very easy to be curious about various things, situations, and other people. My partner makes fun of my joyful Saturday habit to read a celebrity magazine instead of a psychology book or socio-economic news. But I find a lot of psychology in that magazine which details numerous personal stories. On top of it, I become curious about how I assess certain stories & I learn what captivates my attention. Being curious about myself and questioning my actions and feelings could be uncomfortable yet there is a great value in that. Being aware of the origin of my reactions, fears and dreams liberate me as I turn fears into curiosity. ⁠

Be curious! Become your own progress!

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