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Awareness is a super power

Awareness is a super power

Coach & You Point of View: Awareness

Awareness & Awe: when I was learning English my way to remember the word AWARENESS was to associate it with AWE which means amazed or wonderstruck. Awareness, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the knowledge that something exists. And I suspect that the biggest AWE moment in somebody’s life is when a human being becomes aware of herself. I exist, realizes she and starts living!

Awareness & Present: I see awareness as the beginning of humanity and no wonder that it is getting so much great publicity. Be aware, be mindful, be focused. What bliss is to be in the state of awareness, yet why so rarely we ARE actually there? Aw-ARE-ness! In its simplest form awareness is an understanding of a situation at the PRESENT TIME. Being in the highest level of awareness means leaving aside the personal judgment and having a fresh take on life.

Awareness & Ignorance: Two friends traveling together yet negating each other’s existence. Either I am aware or I am ignorant. I appreciate awareness yet I wonder where the phrase ‘Ignorance is a bliss’ is coming from? I believe both have something to offer. Ignorance lays down the ground for awareness to happen. And awareness, in turn, reveals the scope of ignorance. Embracing both allows me to become a perpetual LEARNER and the master of my life.

Awareness & Self: Complexity of the human psyche is impressive. The union of the human mind and body is even more perplexing. When I become self-aware who is judging that now I became aware of myself? Interesting question, isn’t it? I use my body and my five senses to become better aware and come back to the state of the present. When was the last time we noticed that we are actually breathing; or felt the fresh breeze on our skin? I believe the body is meant to help us embody our mind and harmonize our senses into QUALITY awareness.

Awareness is a superpower!

Start your AWARENESS journey today!



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